Will you list my house like a traditional real estate agent?

No, our team members aren’t agents, so houses never get listed. Instead, we’re professional home buyers right here in Utah.

How do you determine what price to offer me for my house?

We take a number of factors into consideration, but the main details are the location of the house, what kinds of repairs are necessary, the current condition of your house, and the comparative value of other houses sold in the same area. Keep in mind that even while we factor all of that information into our calculations, it’s also important to offer sellers a price that’s fair.

If I partner with you, are there any commissions or fees?

The good news is, no! When you work with Utah Home Advisors, not only are there no fees or commissions whatsoever, we’ll frequently pay the closing costs as well.

What makes you different from a real estate agent?

With a real estate agent, a property is listed on the market in hopes of a sale. In many markets, it can take between 6-12 months for a house to sell. When it does, the agent’s commission is between 3-6% of the house’s sale price. With us, we’re professional home buyers. We don’t make our money on commissions. Instead, profits are made after we buy a house with our own money, do the necessary repairs, and find a buyer.

When I give you my information, am I under any kind of obligation?

Absolutely not. After you tell us about your house, we’ll do a little research and potentially schedule an appointment to come out to look at the house. If we make an offer that’s fair for both parties, the choice to accept or decline is totally in your hands. If you feel like the offer isn’t right for you, no problem! We’ll never pressure you to make a decision.