At some point, most landlords must deal with less-than-favorable tenants. These are the people who pay rent late, damage your property, avoid taking your calls, and allow their pets to make a mess of the whole house. When you’re stuck in this situation, spending money in eviction court may be a waste of your time. What are your other options?

Reach Out to the Tenants

First, try to contact your tenants and let them know when they are in violation of the lease. Assuming you have a written contract and they have broken your terms, you have the legal upper hand. Simply address what you expect to happen moving forward, as well as what will happen if they do not adhere to your terms. Inform them that you are prepared to take legal action if they do not agree to your terms.

Solve the Problem for Good

Get rid of the headache altogether by allowing another team to handle the issue. You always have the option to sell your property if it is more hassle than it’s worth. Even if your tenants have left your property in poor shape and in desperate need of repairs, we will still purchase the house as-is and give you a cash offer. Free up your time and energy by choosing Utah Home Advisors to help. We handle the tenants and the mess while you avoid the costs that would normally come with selling a home.

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