Vacant homes get vandalized, attract trespassers, and get unwanted attention that can pull down the property values of the neighborhood. Add all that to the cost of maintaining a vacant property during the winter months, and you have a nuisance on your hands.

You can gain some peace of mind by being proactive about the situation. First, let the police know the property is vacant so they can keep an eye on suspicious activity. You can install a security system as well to protect the windows and doors from intruders. Second, maintain the property to the best of your abilities. Make it look as though the property is occupied by mowing the lawn and visiting frequently. Finally, be sure to keep the smoke detectors, HVAC, and electrical systems in working order to prevent any major repairs or damages.

This sounds like a lot of work, and we understand. What if someone could help you get rid of these issues altogether? Instead of hiring a team to care for the home and risk losing money in the process, you can always contact Utah Home Advisors. We buy houses in their current condition, regardless of damages or vacancy. We give you a no-obligation cash offer, and we handle all the costs that come with selling a house. Free your time and energy by choosing us.